We're all in this together

Our team is comprised of formerly incarcerated individuals, parents, family members, and advocates.

Chaplain Dennis Trujillo Director

Chaplain Dennis is an Air Force Intelligence Veteran and has been with TGJC Ministry since 2003. Growing up in the rough environment of Los Angeles, he brings his experience, expertise, and passion for ministry to lead our team and serve inmates.

Chaplain Linda Freeman Office Administrator

Ramon Garza President

As a former inmate & participant of TGCJ Ministry, to volunteer, then Female Chaplain, Linda brings critical perspective and the ability to connect with our participants to maximize the success of their journey and share the love of Jesus with every inmate.

Ramon is a volunteer & President of the Board for TGCJ Ministry. The Lord called him into jail/prison ministry after his release from TDCJ. His knowledge of the Word & love of Christ leads him to minister every chance he gets to the men at the Tom Green Co Jail & TDCJ units.

As a vessel of God I saw the need to bring the Love and Word of God to the women in prison, encouraging and let them know that God is a loving and forgiving God. Therefore they have hope to a successful life

Karen was a Missionary for 18 years in New York City with juvenile delinquents. She has always loved those who need to turn their lives around. She has been involved in prison and jail ministries for over 16 years.

Because of the incarceration of a dear loved one, Leslie quickly realized the importance of Through God Comes Justice Ministries!  My hands were tied, but theirs were not.

Pastor Marcella Jenkins Board Member

Karen Peiser Secretary

Leslie Smith Treasurer

Becky retired after 37 years at Goodfellow Air Force Base in 2014 and has been traveling with her husband. As a family member of a previously incarcerated, she finds working with the jail ministry very rewarding and purposeful. She wants to help family members advocate for loved ones in the Texas Prison System

Becky Morris

Assistant Treasurer

"Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners and those who are mistreated as you yourselves were suffering".  Hebrews 13:3

Travis Vice President

Travis has a heart for the lost, broken, and downtrodden. Given a mandate from the Lord, he reaches men and women who have lost their God-given purpose and bring them into their true identity in God.


1. To provide Christian services to inmates, detainees, Sheriff's Department, and their families within the framework of the values of the Christian faith and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. To Provide consultation to church bodies and individuals.

3. To provide referrals and necessities, such as food, clothing, shelter, and Christian counseling, as available for the inmates, detainees, persons on probation, parolees, Sheriff's Department, and their families.

4. To assume and share the blessings and responsibility of fulfilling the full Gospel as commissioned by Christ Jesus.

5. To emphasize, encourage, and promote the ministry. 

The main focus of the Through God Comes Justice (TGCJ) Ministry is to meet the spiritual needs of the inmates, detainees, Sheriff's Department personnel, and their families. We operate under the values of the Christian faith and the teaching of Jesus, but all spiritual needs of other faiths are addressed. There are two Chaplains, one male, and one female, to counsel inmates, one on one. It is so important to counsel those in need and sometimes dire situations. the chaplains bring love and hope to many who have none. Chaplains average about 15 counseling sessions a day. They also deliver death notices to the inmates when family members pass away. These chaplains are critical to the jail and helping those in need.